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Ivana Spagna “Sarà capitato anche a te” becomes an audiobook

After last year success with her autobiographical book “Sarà capitato anche a te”, Ivana Spagna, Italian famous songwriter and successful writer for over 30 years, speaks about her with the audiobook dedicated to the most important moments of her life.“Sarà capitato anche a te” (Edizioni Lswr) is available on the platform Storytel ( and it is the voice of Spagna that reads her book. Between one tale and the other the artist sings small verses of her most important successes and adds some curious and unknown stories about the beginning of her career. “Sarà capitato anche a te” is the collection of many small stories, such as revelatory dreams, “miraculous” events and visions of non-human entities experienced by Ivana Spagna. In the book, the writer speaks about her special relationship with her parents, her deeply-held faith and her love for animals. It comes out the autobiography of a woman who believes in family, sincere friendships, prayers and simplicity.

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