Fiere e Sagre In Evidenza Lavoro Mostre ed Esposizioni


The township of Cantù truly identifies with wooden furniture making, it is a distinct, historical, socio-cultural inheritance as well as a driving force for the local economy focused on artisan made and manufactured furniture, taken as a model of excellence both in Italy and on the international scene. Municipal administration and related furniture-makers’ associations, Permanente Mobili, Fondazione Enaip Lombardia, Order of Architects in Como, are currently organising the 7th edition of, Cantù Città del Mobile – Festival del Legno, an event devoted to wood, from Saturday 28th September to Sunday 6th October 2019, with a program of significant, representative happenings throughout the area with the intention of celebrating the creative use of wood as an art form as displayed by local furniture-makers. Results and appreciation obtained in the past editions encouraged the local authorities and their partners to invest more effort and resources for this 7th edition so as to further enforce the image of Cantù as a centre of excellence regarding manufacture, craftwork and commerce. It will also be an occasion to meet innovation and tradition, culture and design, take part in outdoor events, attend specific conventions, go to workshops open to the public, children’s workshops and exhibitions including one on masters of design. The festival endeavours to establish relations, also beyond the municipal bounds, to confirm Cantù’s fame nationally and internationally. The principal aim is to reinforce local identity, for the townspeople to take pride in their know-how, highlighting this year’s theme: Provocation, in all its aspects.

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